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Orchid’s latest release includes Linux CLI

Orchid’s latest release includes Linux CLI

Dec 2, 2020

We're excited to announce that Orchid's latest v0.9.21 includes a Linux client with a command line interface. The release demonstrates progress toward a full desktop client with a complete GUI and interface.

With many people around the world continuing to work remotely, Internet privacy tools remain essential for workers in many industries and locations. Early in 2020 we made the decision to prioritize Orchid's desktop clients, starting with MacOS in the spring. The launch of the Linux client continues this momentum, providing further support for the increased numbers of people accessing the Internet from their desktops at home.

"The pandemic has drastically changed the way we work, learn, and socialize -- and these changes seem likely to remain with us in some form even after the crisis ends," said Orchid co-founder and CEO Dr. Steven Waterhouse. "That's why the ability of people to protect their privacy on a desktop is more important than ever. We're excited to be able to bring Orchid's decentralized VPN service to the millions of people around the world who use Linux."

You can download the Orchid Linux client (as the orchidcd-lnx package) here.

In addition to Linux, Orchid is available for iOS and MacOS in the App Store and for Android in the Play Store. Download Orchid today to start exploring the Internet freely.

Download the app and join Orchid’s privacy network today!

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