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Orchid’s Derek Silva Answers Your Questions in Wolfonaire Family Chatbox AMA

Orchid’s Derek Silva Answers Your Questions in Wolfonaire Family Chatbox AMA

Jun 22, 2021

Earlier this month, Orchid Community Manager and Priv8 Podcast host Derek Silva answered a series of questions in an ask-me-anything (AMA) session with the Wolfonaire Family Chatbox, a Telegram "mastermind group" of investors and crypto enthusiasts. We've collected the AMA's highlights and essential takeaways for those who were unable to attend.

On security: how does Orchid stand out from the crowd?

The session started with a question about security on Orchid: what is unique about how Orchid keeps its users safe? How does the network enable users to feel confident about the safety of their digital identities?

"At the core, Orchid knows nothing about you, does not collect logs, encrypts and obfuscates your traffic, and allows you to create custom accounts with a brand new Ethereum wallet (and xDai soon as well) using the web dApp," Derek said. "Even Orchid's website doesn't have any analytics, JavaScript, or cookies."

Orchid's smart contract audits

Continuing on the topic of security, another participant asked about Orchid's underlying technology. How reliable and secure are Orchid's smart contracts? Have they been audited?

Derek responded in the affirmative--in fact, Orchid's smart contracts have been examined in two separate audits: one by Certora in 2019, which you can find here, and one by Consensys in January 2020, which can be found here. More information about the smart contracts, as well as OXT, is available at

Orchid's Bug Bounty program

One community member asked whether or not Orchid had a bug bounty program. Derek answered: "It's not a fully formed, published bug bounty, but yes! If you find a security vulnerability or something else the team has missed, we are happy to pay you for finding it and disclosing it responsibly. We have paid out a couple of bug bounties over the past 18 months and are happy to do so again."

Expanding the Orchid community

The conversation then moved toward expanding the Orchid community with the following question: Community support is one of the biggest aspects of a project's success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Do you have any special plans to attract and expand the community and improve the user experience?

"We have been building out an ambassador program that is almost ready to launch," Derek answered, referring to Orchid's recently launched Privacy Guardians initiative.

"It's been a lot of fun researching how other projects do this, learning what works well and what doesn't, and of course setting objectives for what an ambassador program should achieve," he said. "I encourage you to join our Telegram group or Discord server so that you know when this launches!" The program launched just a few days later.

Orchid's social media presence

Users also asked where they could get involved with Orchid on social media. In addition to Orchid's Telegram and Discord channels, users can find more community and educational materials about Orchid on:

Community outreach

Finally, Derek pointed out the importance of joining in events like this one: "Participating in AMAs lets us reach new people who may not learn about Orchid otherwise, and that is important to marketing Orchid, but also growing the community."

"If you care about digital security, privacy, protecting human rights, and resisting censorship, then you have a place in the Orchid community."

Derek's full AMA with the Wolfonaire Family Chatbox can be found here.

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Feb 23, 2021
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