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Impervious’s Matthew Zipkin Joins Priv8’s Expanding Roster of Speakers

Impervious’s Matthew Zipkin Joins Priv8’s Expanding Roster of Speakers

Oct 28, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that Matthew Zipkin of Impervious will speak at Priv8 Virtual Privacy Summit, presented by Orchid and Handshake, on November 15. Priv8, a unique event focused on digital privacy, is a venue for experts to share their experiences, predictions, hopes, and advice with like-minded people around the world. Matthew joins a growing slate of distinguished speakers, including journalist, analyst, and author Glenn Greenwald.

Matthew is the Lead Developer at Impervious, an organization that contributes open source core software for Handshake and Bitcoin. He has been involved in the Bitcoin community as a programmer and investor since 2013, and has contributed code and discussion to many open-source Bitcoin repositories, including Bitcoin Core. Zipkin also edits and guest-hosts the Let's Talk Bitcoin podcast.

Matthew will be joined by experts from many different spheres related to privacy. In a time when governments are testing the limits of individual privacy in the name of public safety, and powerful technology companies hold greater sway over public policy than ever before, privacy has surged to the forefront of public debate. As such, robust discussion and education around the topic are more important than ever.

Priv8 will take place virtually on November 15th. A full schedule of events, as well as additional details about Priv8, will be made public ahead of the event. Register here to attend, free of charge.

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Feb 23, 2021
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