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Follow the White Rabbit: Orchid’s privacy podcast

Follow the White Rabbit: Orchid’s privacy podcast

Jun 8, 2020

Privacy matters -- and we're bringing some of the leading thinkers on the subject together to talk about why. Orchid is founded on a deeply-held belief in the importance of privacy, human rights, and democracy -- which, after all, is a decentralized form of government. Now our podcast, Follow the White Rabbit, is bringing together diverse voices, including entrepreneurs, policymakers, technologists, law enforcement, and our own co-founders to explore the different facets of privacy and how they affect our lives.

Check out the podcast here.

Follow the White Rabbit is for everyone, whether they are consumers, business professionals, or simply privacy enthusiasts. The podcast's focus is on the intersection of privacy, democracy, human rights, and technology. We're interviewing the industry experts, hackers, politicians, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and activists who are working to build a world -- and Internet -- where our right to privacy is protected and where technology is built to preserve privacy from the ground up.

Once a week, Orchid's Alex Kehaya sits down with thought leaders in the tech, privacy, crypto and blockchain space. The one-hour interviews are in-depth and wide ranging, aiming to dive deep into diverse topics spanning all areas where privacy, technology, and wide-ranging opinions come together. Each episode leverages a trending topic that we discuss as if we were old friends having a cup of coffee.

In our premiere episode, we go down the rabbit hole with Rich Staropoli, whose career reads like a Tom Clancy spy novel. He's the former White House CIO for the Department of Homeland Security and a special agent for the Secret Service for 25 years.

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He discusses what it was like to protect President George W. Bush on September 11th, his thoughts on the current state of technology at DHS, what cybersecurity risks our country faces, and the future of our election systems.

Coming up, we look forward to being joined by VInny Lingham, who will share thoughts on He discusses his thoughts on data privacy, why we need decentralized systems to protect our identity, whether crypto can displace the dollar, and what lies ahead for entrepreneurs in the new normal. Other future guests include: Jyri Engestrom, Roger Ver, Jehan Chu, Richard Muirhead, and many more.

Follow the White Rabbit podcasts are available on the Orchid blog and other social channels. You can subscribe to Follow the White Rabbit through Apple, Spotify, Castbox and your other favorite podcast platforms. New episodes are available every Wednesday.

We built Orchid to help restore the Internet as an open place where people can explore freely. Follow the White Rabbit is an extension of that mission. We hope that by facilitating debate and delving into subjects at the intersection of privacy, technology, freedom, and democracy, we can open a powerful channel for the furthering of the cause of privacy.

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Feb 23, 2021
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